Stay In Bed Vol. 1

Collecting ten songs made by artists from all over the planet Earth.

We hope that these songs find you and find you well.

Take a moment.
Listen deeply.


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released  May 1, 2020

BODY_CORP_EP_digital bandcamp.jpg

Soft Expression EP 

Body Corp is the alter-ego of Sydney musician, DJ and Retiree band member Marco Vella. 

Born out of a necessity to intersect Marco’s love of the club while also focussing energy as one third of the band Retiree (Rhythm Section International), the Body Corp tracks focus on the dance-floor, while retaining the intrinsic groove that peppers his band’s composition. Across the aptly titled ‘Soft Expression’, the EP leaves smudgy fingerprints of central introspection.


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released March 27, 2020 

Breathing Space


A compilation featuring all ambient music written by 11 artists from around Australia. The project includes local and interstate artists such as Donald's House, Mondo Flockard and Max Santilli.


Marco's contribution to the release comes under the title, "The Break" and revolves around a melancholic chord progression with an undertone of clarity that draws influence from earlier New Age compositions from the 1990's. 


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released November 22, 2017 


Shadow Mountain LP

Musician Marco Vella and Visual Artist Kyle Jorgensen have collaborated to produce Shadow Mountain, a collection of music and original artworks. It is a collage of warped, saturated paintings; nostalgic, wistful, and uplifting atmospheric synth-pop. 

Shadow Mountain is a physical representation of distant memories - faded and changed, reimagined over the distance of time. Through the use of film photography and vintage analog synthesisers the artists evoke a past era. Shadow Mountain is a sentimental audiovisual journey through conscious-ness, place and period.

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released August 14, 2015