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BODYHI02 Vinyl Artwork Front.jpeg


Body High is back with 5 stellar cuts from Body Corp.
Deep music to send you on a journey.


Available to purchase here

released  August 22, 2022

This Time, We Have EP Art (Bandcamp).jpeg

This Time, We Have​

In a surprise drop this month, favoured Sydney selector and crate-digger Marco Vella, a.k.a Body Corp, returns with a digital-only EP comprising three long-form drone pieces, harking back to his much-loved Music for Stargazing mix for Sydney’s Ear to Ear in 2021.


Available to purchase here

released July 6, 2022

Second Land EP Cover.jpeg

Second Land

This April, Marco Vella, a.k.a Body Corp, is back with the first of two digital offerings scheduled for release in early 2022. The four track EP is accompanied with a film clip for the track, “Yearly Average”, which is an abstract depiction of travel through nostalgia, captured in Vella’s native Italian homeland.






Much like the EP itself, the video is a nostalgic glimpse into a distant time and place as our world speeds ever forward.


Available to purchase here

released  April 13, 2022

Monument Album Cover 2.jpg


Monument is a collection of ten works initially created to accompany Berry’s exhibition of the same name, which launched at the Broken Hill Regional Gallery in mid-2020. They are dark and meandering journeys, inspired by Berry’s unmistakably lonely depictions of desolate Australian landscapes.



By the same token, the works somehow seem to transcend Australian scenes and to take on an eerie, exploratory nature that reminds one of a journey into the unknown - it almost sounds like something that would have soundtracked Fantastic Planet, or an early sci-fi thriller from the middle of last century.


Available to purchase here

released August 20, 2021


Out Of Season

“I liked the unusual side of the water – the bench set back
from the path looked up to windows rather than down
onto ploughed width. From here, I saw trees assert
their permanence, bending over backwards to prove
they still had it. Branches poked at homes then dashed –
I was the lookout, or friend who misread herself included,
just one hand in the mischief. What a salve it was
to pair a song with the moment and watch, feast and flee,
drink all the good stuff that view had going free then leave.
I did it once when a phone call felled me, or on days that
didn’t suit me, once again when I let a chance sail past
like a bus I should have run for. We had an understanding,
I thought. If I recognised how my body eased in this beauty,
I could call a corner of it mine.”

- Ellen Renton


Available to purchase here

released  August 6, 2021

interior music 002 cover art .jpeg

Interior Music 002 Cassette 

Interior Music is an ongoing series that collects long-form compositions intended for sleep, meditation, relaxation and enjoyment.

All releases in the series will be 'pay what you like'. All supporter payments for this music (minus bandcamp/paypal fees) will be donated to charity. For the moment, that charity is the Dhadjowa Foundation.

The Dhadjowa Foundation is being established to provide strategic, coordinated and culturally appropriate support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families whose loved ones have died in custody.


Available to purchase here

released July 6, 2021


Stay In Bed Vol. 1

Collecting ten songs made by artists from all over the planet Earth.

We hope that these songs find you and find you well.

Take a moment.
Listen deeply.


Available to purchase here

released  May 1, 2020

BODY_CORP_EP_digital bandcamp.jpg

Soft Expression EP 

Body Corp is the alter-ego of Sydney musician, DJ and Retiree band member Marco Vella. 

Born out of a necessity to intersect Marco’s love of the club while also focussing energy as one third of the band Retiree (Rhythm Section International), the Body Corp tracks focus on the dance-floor, while retaining the intrinsic groove that peppers his band’s composition. Across the aptly titled ‘Soft Expression’, the EP leaves smudgy fingerprints of central introspection.


Available to purchase here

released March 27, 2020 

Breathing Space


A compilation featuring all ambient music written by 11 artists from around Australia. The project includes local and interstate artists such as Donald's House, Mondo Flockard and Max Santilli.


Marco's contribution to the release comes under the title, "The Break" and revolves around a melancholic chord progression with an undertone of clarity that draws influence from earlier New Age compositions from the 1990's. 


Available to purchase here

released November 22, 2017 


Shadow Mountain LP

Musician Marco Vella and Visual Artist Kyle Jorgensen have collaborated to produce Shadow Mountain, a collection of music and original artworks. It is a collage of warped, saturated paintings; nostalgic, wistful, and uplifting atmospheric synth-pop. 




Shadow Mountain is a physical representation of distant memories - faded and changed, reimagined over the distance of time. Through the use of film photography and vintage analog synthesisers the artists evoke a past era. Shadow Mountain is a sentimental audiovisual journey through conscious-ness, place and period.

Available to purchase here

released August 14, 2015 

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